Strike it Lucky - Progressive online slot game

Strike It Lucky was a huge success as a prime time Saturday evening television game show, and now it's proving to be just as popular with online gamers who play the Strike It Lucky progressive slot machine!

The Strike It Lucky progressive slot has five reels, twenty lines and a host of special features that keep the game exciting and fresh no matter how long you play for. You can play Strike It Lucky with coin values of 1p, 5p or 20p, so if you choose to play all 20 lines for each spin (and you don't have to) this would cost 20p, £1 or £4 respectively.

Getting Started

Strike It Lucky progressive jackpots vary according to the denomination of coin you choose to play, so that is the first decision you will have to make on the “select a coin size” screen. When you have made your choice, you are taken to the main Strike It Lucky machine and you will need to decide how many lines to play for each spin. You can either play all 20 lines by clicking BET MAX. bet a single line by clicking BET ONE, or select individual pay line numbers on the right or left of the pay line itself.

Spinning the Reels

To spin the reels click on the BET ONE, BET MAX or SPIN. When the five reels have all stopped, each active pay line will be checked to see if it has won a prize. You can view a full list of the Strike It Lucky symbol combinations that win prizes by clicking on the SHOW PAYTABLE button at the bottom of the play field. The symbols used in the Strike It Lucky game are a combination of regular slot machine symbols (cherries, lemons, melons, etc.) and Strike It Lucky specific jewels, TV monitors and the Strike It Lucky logo itself.

The Joy of Winning

If one or more pay lines has won a prize then this will be added to your account automatically, but the successful pay line(s) will be highlighted and the amount of the win presented clearly in a box so that you can see at a glance what you have won. The Strike It Lucky progressive jackpot is won by any player who bets the maximum and gets 5 Strike It Lucky Symbols on line 20. If you bet the maximum you also get to enjoy the Strike It Lucky Bonus Trail and Strike It Lucky Bonus Game.

Strike It Lucky Bonus Trail

Across the bottom of the Strike It Lucky screen you will notice a row of ten boxes. The first nine boxes contain Strike It Luck arrow symbols point to the right. The tenth box contains the word BONUS. This is the Strike It Lucky Bonus Trail, and it adds a very exciting quality to an already impressive game. here’s how it works...

Whenever you get a Strike It Lucky TV monitor symbol on a reel, it will invite you to click the screen of the monitor. When you do so you will win a bonus award of anything from 5 to 50 coins. When your bonus award has been decided it is paid into your account and at the same time a replica of that monitor will be positioned on the Strike It Lucky Bonus Trial. When you have ten monitors on the trail (replacing the nine arrows and BONUS word) then the Strike It Lucky Bonus Game will be activated. This is as close to an online replica of the actual Strike It Lucky television game show that you’re ever likely to get, and the next section of this review explains how it works.

Strike It Lucky Bonus Game

The Strike It Lucky Bonus Game presents you with thirty television monitors, arranged in three rows of ten monitors each. Those of you who remember the TV show will recall that these rows are referred to as “top”, “middle” and “bottom”, and the aim is for the player to move from the left to the right in ten steps by selecting a monitor from the top, middle or bottom on each step.

When the player has selected a row, the appropriate monitor at that particular step will reveal one of three things: an Arrow symbol, a Hot Spot or a Q symbol. What happens next depends on the symbol that appears on the monitor, as detailed below:

Just before the Strike It Lucky Bonus Games begins you will be asked how many Hot Spots you want to be allowed to have before the game is over: two, three or four. The amount you can win by successfully navigating your way across all ten steps depends on the number of Hot Spots you have allowed yourself – the fewer Hot Spots you allow yourself, the more you can win.


The Strike It Lucky progressive slot machine offered all the excitement of the Strike It Lucky television show but didn't really catch on. It may also have been tainted by Barrymore's connection with a death. However, you can find a good selection of other slot games at Lottery Games

The TV Show

The TV programme from which this slot game is named was presented by Michael Barrymore.

Produced by: Strike It Lucky: Thames Television(1986-1992); Central Independent Television(1993-1995);

Strike It Rich: London Weekend Television(1996-1999)

The programmes lasted approximately 30 minutes and was broadcast on ITV1.

The original series ran from 1986 to 1999.

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